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1) In which conditions can I find the glasses sold by Luxury Vintage Sunglasses?

Our glasses are all new, never worn, in perfect conditions. Every single glass shown on our site has been carefully checked and cleaned, in order to give the original splendour back to it again.

However, there is possibility to find few light scratches on them, due to time and preservation.


2) Are the glasses original?

Yes, definitely. I'm a collector before being a seller.


3) How do I know if a model fit on my face?

Please, look at the measuraments and remember that every model can be perfectly adjusted for free according to your face by a professional optician.


4) What are the accessories with which our glasses are sent?

All that is part of a pair of glasses is shown in the pictures. If its specific case is not mentioned, it will be sent in a generic case.


5) I've seen a pair of glasses on your site, yet it is no more available. Is it still possible to have the same model even if its picture is not present on the site anymore?

Problably not. Every single pair of glasses has been out of production for at least ten years; so it is extremely rare and hard to find. It can be a unique model.


6) Can I return the item?

Yes of course, please look in the site conditions.


7) What kind of payments will be accepted?

-We accept major credit cards: Visa,Mastercard,American Express,etc...(through PayPal);
-Bank transfer;


8) How long does it take the glasses to arrive?

UPS Worldwide Express®

Delivery in one-to-three day shipping service with guaranteed morning delivery times throughout the world.

Standard Registered Airmail

Delivery in about two/three weeks in all the world.


9) Can I track my package?

Yes, of course. In case of UPS we will mail you the tracking number. In case of registered mail, please contact us if you need the tracking number.


10) How can I contact Luxury Vintage Sunglasses?


PHONE: 0039 340 21 856 27

FAX: 0039 0536 858 891