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Welcome to The Luxury Vintage Sunglasses website, where you will find a wide selection of articles.... the most suitable, wanted and hard to find sunglasses ever, good for their own use and great for collection. The site represents the very last step of a neverending passion for these items, a passion that started a long time ago and brought us enough experience in this field to become the best choice for all your needs.
The accurate selection on offer is based on concepts of quality and rarity ensuring you the 100% originality of all our products. The average retail market will offer you a wide range of products, but only here the most rare and prestigious are available, such Brands as: Persol Ratti, Cazal, Porsche design, RayBan, Christian Dior, Cartier, Silhouette, Gianni Versace and many more!!!
Moreover, among the selection, you will be able to find the same models worn by famous stars, like "Persol Ratti 714" used by Steve McQueen, the "Persol Ratti" worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Johnson, Jack Nicholson, Jay Z, Lady Gaga's Versace sunglasses and so on.

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